Deuteronomy 31:3

Deuteronomy 31:3

The Lord thy God, he will go over before thee
This he said to encourage the people of Israel; that though he should die, and not go over with them, their ever living and true God, the great Jehovah, the Lord of hosts, he would go before them, and fight their battles for them; so that they had nothing to fear from their enemies:

[and] he will destroy those nations from before thee;
the seven nations which then inhabited the land:

and thou shalt possess them;
their countries, cities, and houses, fields, and vineyards:

[and] Joshua, he shall go over before thee;
as their general to fight for them, subdue their enemies, and put them into the possession of the land, and divide it to them:

as the Lord hath said;
( Deuteronomy 3:28 ) .