Moses being old, and knowing he should quickly die, and must not go
over Jordan with the people of Israel, acquaints them with it, and
encourages them and Joshua to go over notwithstanding, and not be
afraid of their enemies, since the Lord would go with them, and deliver
them into their hands, \\#De 31:1-8\\; and having written the law, he
delivered it to the priests, and ordered that it should be read at the
end of every seven years before all the people, that they and theirs
might learn it, and fear the Lord, \\#De 31:9-13\\; and whereas the death
of Moses was very near, and the Lord foreseeing the people would
quickly fall into idolatry, which would bring great calamities upon
them, he directed Moses to write a song, which should be a witness for
him, and against them, in ages to come; which Moses accordingly did,
\\#De 31:14-22\\; and Moses having given a charge to Joshua, and finished
the writing of the law in a book, gave it to the Levites to put it in
the side of the ark, \\#De 31:23-27\\; and then ordered the chief of the
tribes to be gathered together, that he might deliver the song, which
by the direction and under the inspiration of God he had written,
\\#De 31:28-30\\; which song is recorded in \\#De 32:1-43\\.