Deuteronomy 32:51

Deuteronomy 32:51

Because ye trespassed against me among the children of
By their unbelief, doubting whether God would give water or no to such a rebellious people, and by giving way to passion and wrathful expressions: and this was done

at the waters of Meribahkadesh;
so called, to distinguish it from another Meribah, where also there was a contention on account of water, ( Numbers 20:13 ) ( 27:14 ) :

in the wilderness of Zin;
where Kadesh was, and further describes and distinguishes this place; of the one we read in ( Exodus 17:7 ) ; and of the other, which is here referred to, in ( Numbers 20:1 Numbers 20:13 ) ;

because ye sanctified me not in, the midst of the children of Israel;
through their unbelief and disagreeable behaviour, they sanctified him not themselves, and gave no honour to him, nor were the cause of his being sanctified by the Israelites; and this was the reason why Moses and Aaron might not enter into the land of Canaan, ( Numbers 20:12 ) ( 27:12-14 ) .

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