In this chapter the Israelites are exhorted to destroy the seven
nations of the land of Canaan, when they entered into it, and to make
no alliances with them of any kind, nor suffer any remains of
idolatry to continue, \\#De 7:1-5\\ to observe which, and other
commands of God, they are urged from the consideration of their being
freely chosen of God above all other people, and of their being
redeemed out of the house of bondage, and of the Lord's being a
covenant keeping God to them, \\#De 7:6-11\\ and it is promised them,
for their further encouragement to keep the commands of God, that
they should have an increase of all temporal good things, and no
evils and calamities should come upon them, \\#De 6:12-16\\, and,
lest they should be disheartened at the numbers and might of their
enemies, they are put in mind of what God had done for them in Egypt,
and of what he had promised to do for them now, \\#De 7:17-20\\ and
they are assured that the nations should be cast out before them by
little and little, until they were utterly destroyed, \\#De 7:21-24\\
and the chapter is concluded with an exhortation to destroy their
images, and not admit anything of that sort to be brought into their
houses, \\#De 7:25,26\\.