In this chapter the Israelites are assured of the ejection of the
Canaanites, though so great and mighty, to make room for them,
\\#De 9:1-3\\, and they are cautioned not to attribute this to their own
righteousness, but to the wickedness of the nations which deserved to
be so treated, and to the faithfulness of God in performing his
promise made to their fathers, \\#De 9:4-6\\, and that it might
appear that it could not be owing to their righteousness, it is
affirmed and proved that they had been a rebellious and provoking
people from their coming out of Egypt to that time, as was evident
from their idolatry at Horeb; a particular account of which is given,
and of the displeasure of the Lord at it, \\#De 9:7-21\\, and of
their murmurings, with which they provoked the Lord at other places,
\\#De 9:22-24\\, and the chapter is closed with an account of the
prayer of Moses for them at Horeb, to avert the wrath of God from
them for their making and worshipping the golden calf,
\\#De 9:25-29\\.