This chapter begins with an exhortation to liberality to the poor,
enforced by several reasons and arguments, and the objections to it
removed; and the whole illustrated by various similes, \\#Ec 11:1-6\\; and
then it is observed, that a life attended with outward prosperity and
inward peace, and spent in doing good, is very delightful, and very
desirable it is to have it continued; yet it should be remembered this
will not be always, that many days of darkness in the grave will come;
and after all the whole of a man's life is vanity, as is often
inculcated, \\#Ec 11:7,8\\; and the chapter is closed with an ironic
address to young men, designed to show them the folly and danger of
sinful courses, to reform them from them, and to put them in mind of a
future judgment, \\#Ec 11:9,10\\.