This chapter begins with an order to sanctify or set apart the
firstborn of man and beast to the Lord, \\#Ex 13:1,2\\ and the
people of Israel are charged to keep the feast of unleavened
bread in its season, from year to year, when they came into the land of
Canaan, the reason of which they were to acquaint their children with,
\\#Ex 13:3-10\\ and they are also directed, when come into the land of
Canaan, to set apart every firstling of a beast unto the Lord, and
particularly the firstling of an ass was to be redeemed with a lamb, or
its neck to be broke, and all the firstborn of men were to be redeemed
also, \\#Ex 13:11-13\\, and when their children inquired the reason of
it, they were to be told it was on account of the Lord's slaying the
firstborn of men and beast among the Egyptians, when Pharaoh would not
let Israel go, and of saving the firstborn of his people,
\\#Ex 13:14-16\\, and it is observed, that when the children of Israel went
out of Egypt, they were not led by the nearest way, the way of the land
of the Philistines, but a round about way, the way of the wilderness of
the Red sea, when they took the bones of Joseph with them, as he had
adjured them to do, \\#Ex 13:17-19\\, and the chapter is concluded with
an account of their journeying from Succoth to Etham, the Lord going
before them in a pillar of cloud by day, and in a pillar of fire by
night, \\#Ex 13:20-22\\.