Exodus 18:27

Exodus 18:27

And Moses let his father in law depart
After he had been with him some time, and desired leave to go into his own country, which was granted; or he "dismissed" F25 him in an honourable way: and as he went out to meet him when he came, if he did not attend him, when he went, some way in person, yet sent a guard along with him, both for honour and for safety:

and he went his way into his own land;
the land of Midian: the Targum of Jonathan,

``he went to proselyte all the children of his own country;''

or, as Jarchi expresses it, the children of his family; and it is plain that the Kenites and Rechabites descended from him, who in later times lived among the Jews, and were proselytes to their religion, ( Judges 1:16 ) ( 1 Chronicles 2:55 ) ( Jeremiah 35:2 ) .


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