Exodus 19:19

Exodus 19:19

And when the voice of the trumpet sounded long
Not in one continued tone, as before, ( Exodus 19:13 ) , where a different word is used, and when it decreased, and was about to cease, which was to summon the people to attend; but now they were come to the foot of the mount, and this sounding was a preparation to the giving of the law unto them, and was not one continued even tone: but waxed louder and louder; or, "going, and exceeding strong"; or, "strengthening itself exceedingly" F24; it went on to an high pitch, until it was exceeding vehement and strong, and so sonorous as scarce to be bore:

Moses spake;
what he said is not here recorded; it is highly probable, as has been observed by some, that he uttered those words related of him in ( Hebrews 12:21 ) "I exceedingly fear and quake": such an impression did this loud and strong voice of the trumpet make upon him:

and God answered him by a voice;
a still and gentle one, in order to encourage and comfort him; and so the Targum of Jonathan paraphrases it,

``with a pleasant and audible voice, and with delightful words.''


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