Exodus 23:27

Exodus 23:27

And I will send my fear before thee
What should cause fear among the nations of the land of Canaan; either the hornets mentioned in the next verse as the explanative of this; or the fame of his mighty works, which he had done for Israel in Egypt, at the Red sea, and in the wilderness; which struck the inhabitants of Canaan with such a panic, that they were ready to faint and melt away, and lost all courage, ( Joshua 2:9-11 )

and will destroy all the people to whom thou shalt come;
that is, the greatest part of them:

and I will make all thine enemies turn their backs unto thee;
flee away, not being able to face them and stand a battle, or, however, not stand it long, but run and make their escape: "or I will give thee the neck of them" F16; cause them to submit, to lay down their necks and be trampled upon; an expression denoting their subjection, and an entire conquest of them, see ( Psalms 18:39 Psalms 18:40 ) .


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