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Exodus 28:41

Exodus 28:41

And thou shall put them on Aaron thy brother, and his sons
with him
And this putting on of their garments by Moses, under the authority of God, was a solemn investiture of them with the priestly office also; for from henceforward they had a right to exercise it, having those garments on, without which they were never to officiate:

and shall anoint them;
with the anointing oil, of which afterwards a particular account is given, and how to be made, and for what use, ( Exodus 30:22-30 ) , typical of the holy graces of the Spirit of God:

and consecrate them;
the consecration of them was by investing them with their garments, and by anointing them with oil; for this phrase does not intend the whole of their consecration, only another branch of it, and may be literally rendered, "fill their hand" F16; that is, with sacrifices to be offered up by them, see ( Exodus 29:1 Exodus 29:24 ) ( 2 Chronicles 13:9 )

and sanctify them;
by all this, set them apart, and devote them to the sacred office of priesthood:

that they may minister unto me in the priest's office;
by offering sacrifices for the people, burning incense, and doing other things relative to the office.


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