Exodus 29:18

Exodus 29:18

And thou shalt burn the whole ram upon the altar
For which reason his head, his pieces, his inwards, and his legs, were to be put together, and laid in order upon the altar:

it is a burnt offering unto the Lord;
offered up to him, and accepted by him, as follows:

it is a sweet savour;
or "a smell of rest" F25, in which God acquiesces, and rests, and takes delight and pleasure; it is, as the Septuagint version,

for a smell of sweet savour,
or a sweet smelling savour; which phrase the apostle makes use of, and applies to the sacrifice of Christ, ( Ephesians 5:2 ) :

an offering made by fire unto the Lord;
which being consumed by fire ascended upwards to the Lord, and became acceptable to him, as the sacrifice of his own Son, in his fiery sufferings and death, was unto him.


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