Exodus 30:24

Exodus 30:24

And of cassia five hundred [shekels]
Or two hundred and fifty ounces:

after the shekel of the sanctuary;
according to the standard weight kept there. This "cassia" was not the "cassia solutiva", which is of a purgative nature, and now in use in physic, but the "cassia odorata", or the sweet smelling "cassia": which, Pancirollus F19 says, some take to be the nard, out of which a most sweet oil is pressed; and Servius


F20 says, that cassia is an herb of a most sweet smell. Pliny F21 speaks of it along with cinnamon; and Galen says, when cinnamon was wanting, it was usual to put in its stead a double quantity of cassia {w}; Leo Africanus speaks of trees in Africa bearing cassia, and which chiefly grew in Egypt F24;

and of oil olive an hin;
containing twelve logs: according to Godwin F25, it was of our measure three quarts; but, as Bishop Cumberland has more exactly calculated it, it held a wine gallon, a quart, and a little more: this was the purest and best of oil, and most fit and proper to be a part of this holy anointing oil.

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