Exodus 35:23

Exodus 35:23

And every man with whom was found blue, and purple, and
Wool or yarn of either of the colours; unless it can be supposed there might be with some of them the ingredients with which colours were made, brought with them out of Egypt:

and fine linen;
they had brought out of Egypt, and for which that country was famous:

and goats' [hair];
which in those countries was so long as to be shorn like the wool of sheep:

and red skins of the rams;
died red, for it does not mean any that were naturally so, of which none are known:

and badgers' skins;
see ( Exodus 25:5 ) of each of these, such who had them in their possession, and their hearts were willing to part with them:

brought [them];
to Moses, to the tabernacle or tent where he was.