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Exodus 39:43

Exodus 39:43

And Moses did look upon all the work
Made a survey of it, and with great care and accuracy examined every particular thing, and the manner in which it was finished:

and, behold, they had done it as the Lord had commanded, even so
had they done it;
both as to matter and manner in every point, on all accounts, just as they were ordered and directed; they being throughout the whole filled by the Spirit of God with wisdom and understanding, to do everything just as it was the will and pleasure of God it should be done:

and Moses blessed them;
commended them for what they had done, and implored the divine blessing upon them; and which may be understood both of the people who had so liberally and plentifully contributed to this good work, and of the artificers who had so carefully and punctually performed it. The form of blessing, as the Targum of Jonathan gives it, is,

``may the Shechinah (or the divine Majesty) of the Lord dwell in the works of your hands;''

or as Jarchi expresses it,

``may it be the pleasure (of God) that the Shechinah may dwell in the works of your hands, and the beauty of the Lord our God may be upon us''

which last words were part of the prayer of Moses, ( Psalms 90:17 ) .

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