In this chapter Pharaoh is threatened with the plague of frogs, in
case he refused to let Israel go, which accordingly was brought upon
him, \\#Ex 8:1-6\\ and though the magicians did something similar to
it, yet these were so troublesome to Pharaoh, that he promised to let
the people go, and sacrifice to God, if they removed; and a time
being fixed for the removal of them, it was accordingly done at the
entreaty of Moses and Aaron, \\#Ex 8:7-14\\ but there being a
respite, Pharaoh's heart was hardened, and the plague of lice is
ordered, and which was executed; and though this the magicians
essayed to do, and could not, but owned it to be the finger of God,
yet Pharaoh's heart was hardened, \\#Ex 8:15-19\\ wherefore he is
threatened with a swarm of flies, which should not infest Goshen,
only the places where the Egyptians dwelt, and it was so,
\\#Ex 8:20-24\\ upon which Pharaoh called for Moses, and declared
himself willing the people would sacrifice in the land; but this
not being satisfactory, he agreed they should go into the wilderness,
but not so far; and on the account of the entreaty of Moses, the
plague was removed; but still Pharaoh's heart was hardened, and he
would not let the people go, \\#Ex 8:25-32\\.