This chapter contains a vision the prophet had of the idolatry of the
Jews, which was the cause of their destruction. The time when, place,
where, and persons with whom he was, when the hand of the Lord came
upon him, are mentioned, \\#Eze 8:1\\; then follows a description of the
divine Person that appeared to him, \\#Eze 8:2\\; and an account is given
how he was in a visionary way brought to Jerusalem, and to the temple,
where he saw the glory of the God of Israel, and the idolatry of the
people, \\#Eze 8:3,4\\; which latter was gradually represented to him;
first the image of jealousy in the entry at the gate of the altar
northward, \\#Eze 8:5\\; then greater abominations through a hole in the
wall, by which he saw their idols, in the form of reptiles and
four footed beasts, portrayed on the wall, \\#Eze 8:6-10\\; next seventy of
the ancients of Israel, among whom were one mentioned by name, offering
incense to these idols, \\#Eze 8:11,12\\; after this, greater abominations
still are showed him, at the north of the temple, women weeping for
Tammuz, \\#Eze 8:13,14\\; and then again far greater ones, twenty five
men, between the porch and the altar, with their backs to the temple,
and their face to the east, worshipping the sun, and putting the branch
to the nose, \\#Eze 8:15-17\\; wherefore it is reasoned to deal with them
in fury, without any mercy, pity, and compassion, \\#Eze 8:18\\.

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