In this chapter is contained a vision, representing the destruction of
the idolatrous Jews, and the preservation of the godly that were among
them, in which different persons were employed; they that were
concerned in the destruction of the idolaters are described by their
office; they had charge over the city; by their form and appearance,
men; by their number, six; by the quarter from whence they came, the
way of the higher gate northward; and by the weapons they had in their
hands, slaughter ones; and by their place and posture, standing beside
the brasen altar, \\#Eze 9:1,2\\; among these were one clothed in linen,
with a writer's inkhorn by his side; to whom the glorious God of
Israel, who was removed from the cherub to the threshold of the house,
gave orders to go through the city of Jerusalem, and mark those that
mourned over the abominations of it, \\#Eze 9:3,4\\; and the rest he
ordered to go through the city, and slay all of every age, and sex, and
state, except those that had the mark; beginning at the sanctuary, and
filling the courts with the slain; which orders were obeyed,
\\#Eze 9:5-7\\; upon which the prophet expostulates with the Lord, and
intercedes for the people; but is not heard, because of the abounding
of iniquity among them; their frequent shedding of blood; their
perversion of justice; and their abominable infidelity and atheism; for
which reasons he was determined to show them no mercy, \\#Eze 9:8-10\\;
and the chapter is closed with a report made by the man clothed with
linen, that he had done as was commanded him, \\#Eze 9:11\\.

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