Ezra 2:69

Ezra 2:69

They gave after their ability unto the treasure of the world
threescore and one thousand drachms of gold
These "darcemons or darics" were a Persian coin; one of which, according to Brerewood F11, was of the value of fifteen shillings of our money, and so this quantity of them amounted to 45,750 pounds; but according to Bishop Cumberland F12 they were of the value of twenty shillings and four pence of our money, and so came to upwards of 61,000 pounds; these everyone, according to his ability, put into the common stock or treasury for the work of building the temple; the Vulgate Latin F13 reads 40,000:

and five thousand pounds of silver;
and an Hebrew "mina", or pound, being of our money seven pounds, ten shillings, according to Brerewood {n}, amounted to 31,250 pounds: but others F15, reckoning a drachm of gold at ten shillings, and a mina or pound of silver at nine pounds, make the whole to amount only to 75,500 pounds of our money:

and one hundred priests' garments;
which, as they were laid up among treasures, so were necessary for the service of the temple.


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