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Ezra 4:10

Ezra 4:10

And the rest of the nations whom the great and noble Asnappar
brought over
The river Euphrates:

and set in the cities of Samaria;
placed there in the room of the Israelites carried captive; this Asnappar was, according to Jarchi and others F12 Sennacherib; but, with Grotius, Shalmaneser; rather he was Esarhaddon, the son of the former, and grandson of the latter; so Dr. Prideaux F13; though he might be only some commander of the Assyrian monarch, who carried them over by his orders:

and the rest that are on this side the river;
the river Euphrates:

and at such a time;
which may respect the date of the letter, which, no doubt, was expressed, though not here given; or this, as some think, was the same with our &c. something following, unto King Artaxerxes greeting, or something like that; though David de Pomis F14 takes it to be the general name of the people beyond the river.


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