Ezra 7:22

Ezra 7:22

Unto one hundred talents of silver
Which amounted to 35,300 pounds sterling; these, according to Jarchi, were to buy the offerings or sacrifices with:

and an hundred measures of wheat;
or corn, the same measure with the homer, each of which held ten ephahs, or seventy five wine gallons, five pints, and upwards; these, according to the same writer, were for meat offerings, made of fine flour, or rather bread offerings, as they may be called:

and to an hundred baths of wine;
which was the same measure in liquids as the ephah in things dry, a tenth part of the cor or homer, and held seven wine gallons, five pints, and upwards F21; these were for the drink offerings:

and to an hundred baths of oil;
the same measure as before; these were to mix in the meat offerings:

and salt without prescribing how much;
because it was used in all offerings, and was cheap, and therefore no measure is fixed, but as much as was wanting was to be given, see ( Leviticus 2:1-13 ) .


F21 See Cumberland's Scripture Weights and Measures, ch. 4. p. 137.