In this chapter we have the lineage and character of Ezra described,
\\#Ezr 7:1-6\\, his expedition to Jerusalem, and of many others with
him, \\#Ezr 7:7-10\\, a copy of the commission King Artaxerxes gave
him to execute, \\#Ezr 7:11-26\\, and his thankfulness, \\#Ezr 7:27,28\\.

and the dedication of it, and keeping the passover:

\\in the reign of Artaxerxes king of Persia\\; in the seventh year of his
reign, \\#Ezr 7:7,8\\, who is the same with Darius in the preceding
chapter; so Jarchi and Aben Ezra; \\See Gill on "Ezr 6:14"\\.

\\Ezra the son of Seraiah\\; the high priest slain by Nebuchadnezzar
\\#Jer 52:24,27\\, this Ezra was a younger son of his, brother to
Josedech, and uncle to Joshua, who were high priests in succession;
his pedigree is carried in the ascending line up to Aaron, in this and
the four following verses; only six generations, for brevity sake,
are omitted, between Azariah and Meraioth, which may be supplied from
\\#1Ch 6:7-10\\,
\\See Gill on "1Ch 6:3\\.