Ezra 8:22

Ezra 8:22

For I was ashamed to require of the kings band of soldiers
and horsemen
Which he might have had, only asking for them; so great was the interest he had in the king's favour:

to help us against the enemy in the way;
the Arabs, Samaritans, and others, that might lie in wait for them, to rob them of their substance:

because we had spoken unto the king:
of the special favour of God to them, his singular providence in the protection of them:

saying, the hand of our God is upon all them for good that seek him;
that pray unto him, serve and worship him; his hand is open to them to bestow all needful good upon them, temporal and spiritual, and his power and providence are over them, to protect and defend them from all evil:

but his power and his wrath is against all them that forsake him;
his word, his ways and worship; his powerful wrath, or the strength and force of it, is exerted against them and they are sure to feel the weight and dreadful effects of it: and now all this being said to the king, after this, to desire a guard to protect them, it would look as if they had not that favour in the sight of God, and did not believe what they had said, but distrusted his power and providence towards them; therefore, rather than reflect any dishonour on God, they chose to expose themselves to danger, seeking his face and favour, and relying on his goodness and power.