Ezra 9:8

Ezra 9:8

And now, for a little space, grace hath been showed from the
Lord our God
It was but a small time since the Lord first began to show favour to them, so that they soon after began to revolt from him; which argued the strange propensity of their minds to that which is evil, and from which they could not be restrained by the recent goodness of God unto them:

to leave us a remnant to escape;
out of captivity, from whence a small number were graciously and safely returned to their own land:

and to give us a nail in his holy place;
a fixed settlement in the land of Judea, the holy land the Lord had chosen, and in the temple, the holy place sacred to his worship; or a prince of their own, Zerubbabel, to be the governor of them, under whom they might enjoy settled happiness and prosperity, see ( Isaiah 22:23 ) ( Zechariah 10:4 ) ,

that our God may lighten our eyes;
refresh our spirits, cheer our souls, and give us light and gladness, see ( 1 Samuel 14:27 )

and give us a little reviving in our bondage;
for they were still in some degree of bondage, being in subjection, and tributaries to the kings of Persia; but yet being returned to their own land, it was as life from the dead unto them, at least it was giving them a little life, liberty, and joy.