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Genesis 11:26

Genesis 11:26

And Terah lived seventy years, and begat Abram, Nahor, and
] Abram, though named first, does not appear to be the eldest, but rather Haran; nay, it seems pretty plain that Abram was not born until the one hundred and thirtieth year of his father's life, for Terah was two hundred and five years old when he died, ( Genesis 11:32 ) and Abram was but seventy five years of age when he went out of Haran to Canaan, ( Genesis 12:4 ) and that was as soon as his father died there; and so that if seventy five are taken out two hundred and five, there will remain one hundred and thirty, in which year and not before Abram must be born: the wife of Terah, of whom Abram was born, according to the Jewish writers F24, her name was Chamtelaah, the daughter of Carnebo, or as others F25 call her, Amthalai; but by the Arabic writers


F26 she is called Juna: the Jews say F1 Terah was the first that found out the way of coining money, and that in his days men began to worship images, and that he was the chief of their priests, but afterwards repented; and that he was an idolater appears from ( Joshua 24:2 ) .

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