In this chapter an account is given of the call of Abram to depart from
his own country, with a promise of a divine blessing, \\#Ge 12:1-3\\
of his obedience to it, \\#Ge 12:4,5\\ of his journey through the land
of Canaan, and of the Lord's appearance to him in it, and his promise
of it to his seed, and of Abram's building altars in it, and calling on
the name of the Lord, \\#Ge 12:6-9\\ and of a famine there, which
occasioned him to go into Egypt, \\#Ge 12:10\\ where, through fear of
being slain, he desired his wife to call herself his sister,
\\#Ge 12:11-13\\ and she being greatly admired by the Egyptians for her
beauty, it went well with Abram for her sake, \\#Ge 12:14-16\\ but the
Egyptians were plagued because of her, who, when they understood she
was Abram's wife, sent them both away, and all that belonged to them,
\\#Ge 12:17-20\\.

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