This chapter gives an account of a war that was waged, and a battle
fought between four kings on one side, and five on the other, and of
the occasion and issue of it, who were the first kings, and this the
first battle the Scriptures speak of, \\#Ge 14:1-11\\; Lot and his goods
being taken and carried off, with those of Sodom, by the conquerors,
Abram hearing of it armed his men, and pursued after them, and overtook
and overcame them, and rescued Lot and his goods, with others, and
returned, \\#Ge 14:12-16\\; when he was met by the kings of Sodom and
Salem, who congratulated him on his victory, \\#Ge 14:17-19\\; and what
passed between him, and those great personages, is related,
\\#Ge 14:20-24\\.