This chapter gives an account of Abram's marrying his maid, at the
instance of his wife Sarai, \\#Ge 16:1-3\\, who, upon conceiving, despised
her mistress; of which complaint is made to Abram, who leaving his maid
to his wife, to deal with her as she pleased, dealt harshly by her, and
therefore fled from her, \\#Ge 16:4-6\\; when she was met by an angel, who
advised her to return and submit herself to her mistress, and told her
her seed would be greatly multiplied, gave a name to the child she went
with, and described his temper and disposition, \\#Ge 16:7-12\\; and then
we have the name of God that spoke to her, and of the place where the
discourse passed between them, \\#Ge 16:13,14\\; and the chapter is
concluded with the birth of Ishmael, and the age of Abram at his birth,
\\#Ge 16:15,16\\.

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