This chapter treats of a covenant made with Abram, sometimes called the
covenant of circumcision, the time when God appeared to him, and
promised to make it, and did, \\#Ge 17:1-3\\; the particulars of it, both
with respect to himself, whose name was now changed, and to his
posterity, \\#Ge 17:4-8\\; the token of it, circumcision, the time of its
performance, and the persons obliged to it, \\#Ge 17:9-14\\; the change of
Sarai's name, and a promise made that she should have a son, to the
great surprise of Abraham, \\#Ge 17:15-17\\; a prayer of his for Ishmael,
and the answer to it, with a confirmation of Sarah's having a son,
whose name should be called Isaac, and the establishment of the
covenant with him, \\#Ge 17:18-22\\; and the chapter is closed with an
account of the circumcision of Abraham, and all his family of the male
sort, agreeably to the command of God, \\#Ge 17:23-27\\.

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