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Genesis 19:27

Genesis 19:27

And Abraham got up early in the morning
Perhaps he had had but little sleep the whole night, his thoughts being taken up with what was to befall the cities of the plain; and especially being in great concern for Lot and his family:

to the place where he stood before the Lord;
( Genesis 18:22 ) ; to the very spot of ground where he had stood the day before in the presence of the Lord, and had conversed with him, and prayed unto him; and so the Targum of Jonathan,

``to the place where he ministered in prayer before the Lord;''

here he came and stood waiting for an answer to his prayers; and perhaps this place was an eminence, from whence he could have a view of the plain of Jordan and the cities on it; and so it appears from ( Genesis 19:28 ) .
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