This chapter shows Abraham's concern to get a suitable wife for his son
Isaac, for which purpose he commits the affair into the hands of his
eldest servant, and makes him swear that he will not take one from
among the Canaanites, but out of his own country, and from among his
own kindred, \\#Ge 24:1-4\\; which his servant agreed to, after having the
nature of his charge, and of the oath, explained to him, \\#Ge 24:5-9\\;
upon which he departed to Mesopotamia, and coming to the city of Nahor,
and to a well near it, he prayed for success, and desired direction by
a token, which was granted him, \\#Ge 24:10-22\\; and inquiring of the
damsel, who answered to the token, whose daughter she was, and whether
they had room for him and his in their house; and an agreeable answer
being returned, he gave thanks to God that had directed him, and had so
far made his journey prosperous, \\#Ge 24:23-27\\; the damsel acquainting
her parents whom and what she met with at the well, a brother of her
steps out, and invites the servant in, and makes him welcome,
\\#Ge 24:28-33\\; but before he would eat anything, he tells his errand
he was come upon, at the instance of his master; how, he had prayed for
direction, and was heard, and for which he had given thanks,
\\#Ge 24:34-48\\; and then treats with the relations of the damsel
about her marriage to his master's son, to which they agreed,
\\#Ge 24:49-51\\; and after having blessed God, and given his presents
he brought with him to the damsel, and her family, and ate and drank
with them, was for departing the next morning, \\#Ge 24:52-54\\; but
the friends of the damsel being desirous of her stay with them some few
days, and he urgent to be gone, the affair was referred to her, and
she agreed to go with him directly, \\#Ge 24:55-58\\; upon which they
dismissed her with their blessing, \\#Ge 24:59,60\\; who being met by
Isaac in the way, was received and introduced into his mother's tent,
and married by him, \\#Ge 24:61-67\\.