Genesis 29:21

Genesis 29:21

And Jacob said unto Laban, give [me] my wife
Meaning Rachel, who was his wife by contract; the conditions of her being his wife were now fulfilled by him, and therefore he might challenge her as his wife:

for my days are now fulfilled;
the seven years were up he agreed to serve him for his daughter; and therefore it was but just and right she should be given him:

that I may go in unto her;
as his lawful wife, and it was high time Jacob had her; for he was now, as the Jewish writers generally say F14, and that very rightly, eighty four years of age; and from him were to spring twelve princes, the heads of twelve tribes, which should inhabit the land of Canaan.


F14 Bereshit Rabba, sect. 70. fol. 63. 1. Jarchi in loc. and others.
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