This chapter gives an account of Rachel's envy of her sister for her
fruitfulness, and of her earnest desire of having children, which she
expressed to Jacob in an unbecoming manner, for which he reproved her,
\\#Ge 30:1,2\\, of her giving her maid Bilhah to Jacob, by whom he had two
sons, Dan and Naphtali, \\#Ge 30:3-8\\; and of Leah's giving her maid
Zilpah to him, by whom he had two other sons, Gad and Asher,
\\#Ge 30:9-13\\; and of Reuben's mandrakes he found in the field, and the
agreement made between Rachel and Leah about them, \\#Ge 30:14-16\\; and
of Leah's bearing Jacob two more sons and one daughter, \\#Ge 30:17-21\\,
and of Rachel's also bearing him a son, whose name was Joseph,
\\#Ge 30:22-24\\; upon which he desires leave of Laban to depart into his
own country, his time of servitude being up, \\#Ge 30:25,26\\; which
brought on a new agreement between him and Laban, that for the future
he should have all the speckled, spotted, and brown cattle for his
service, \\#Ge 30:27-36\\; and the chapter is concluded with an account
of a cunning scheme of Jacob's to increase that sort of cattle, which
succeeded, and by which he became rich, \\#Ge 30:37-43\\.

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