In this chapter we find Esau meeting Jacob in a friendly manner,
contrary to his fears and expectation, having set his family in order
in case of the worst, \\#Ge 33:1-4\\; putting questions to Jacob concerning
the women and children with him, who make their obeisance to him as
Jacob had done before, \\#Ge 33:5-7\\; and concerning the drove he met,
which was a present to him, and which he refused at first to take, but
at the urgency of Jacob accepted of it, \\#Ge 33:8-11\\; proposing to
travel with him, unto which Jacob desired to be excused, he, with the
women, children, and flocks, not being able to keep pace with him,
\\#Ge 33:12-14\\, and to leave some of his men with him to guard him,
which Jacob judged unnecessary, upon which they parted friendly,
\\#Ge 33:15,16\\; and the chapter is concluded with an account of Jacob's
journey, first to Succoth, then to Shalem, where he pitched his tent,
bought a field and built an altar, \\#Ge 33:17-20\\.