The history of this chapter is, the imprisonment of two of Pharaoh's
officers, his chief butler and chief baker, who by the captain of the
guard were made the charge of Joseph, \\#Ge 40:1-4\\; they both dreamed in
prison, which made them sad; Joseph taking notice of their sadness,
asked the reason of it, and encouraged them to tell him their dreams,
\\#Ge 40:5-8\\; the chief butler told his dream of the vine and three
branches, which Joseph interpreted of his restoration to his office
within three days, and desired him to remember him unto Pharaoh when he
stood before him, telling him his case, \\#Ge 40:9-15\\; then the chief
baker told his dream of three white baskets of food on his head, which
the birds ate, and this Joseph interpreted of his being hanged within
three days, \\#Ge 40:16-19\\; and the events answered to the
interpretation, but Joseph was forgot by the chief butler,
\\#Ge 40:20-23\\.

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