From the punishment inflicted on the unbelieving Hebrews, who died in
the wilderness, and entered not into the land of rest made mention of
in the preceding chapter, the apostle proceeds to caution the present
Hebrews of his time, and who professed faith in Christ, lest seeing
there was a rest, and a promise of entering into it, they should seem
to come short of it, \\#Heb 4:1\\, and the rather, since they that
fell in the wilderness had the Gospel preached to them as well as
they; and the reason why it did not profit was, because it was not
received by faith, \\#Heb 4:2\\ as also seeing it is by faith that
believers now enter into rest, \\#Heb 4:3\\ which rest is not the rest
of the seventh day, on which God rested; nor, the rest of the land of
Canaan, which Joshua led the Israelites into; for if he had entered
them into the rest the apostle means, David, so many hundred years
after him, would not have made mention of another rest, \\#Heb 4:4-8\\
wherefore it follows that there is another rest for the people of God,
which he that enters into ceases from his own works, as God did from
his, \\#Heb 4:9,10\\ and this is the rest that everyone that
professes faith in Christ, should be solicitous and diligent to enter
into, lest he should fall short of it through unbelief; as the
unbelieving Israelites did of their rest, \\#Heb 4:11\\ and the
arguments engaging to such a concern are taken from the properties and
perfections of Christ, the essential Word of God; particularly from
his omnipotence and his omniscience, \\#Heb 4:12,13\\. And seeing he
is by nature the Son of God, and by office a great high priest that is
entered into heaven for his people, the encouragement is great to hold
fast the profession of faith in him they have made, \\#Heb 4:14\\ and
the rather since he is a sympathizing high priest, as he must needs
be, since he has been tempted, afflicted, and has suffered every way
as his people, and is in all respects like them, excepting that he has
no sin, \\#Heb 4:15\\ and this consideration should engage believers
to come to the throne of grace with all boldness, and in expectation
of having grace and mercy bestowed on them for the supply of their
daily wants, \\#Heb 4:16\\.