This chapter gives an account of the free and ancient love of God to
Israel, and of the benefits and blessings of goodness he bestowed upon
them; and of their ingratitude in not owning them, nor hearkening to
his prophets, but sacrificing and burning incense to idols, \\#Ho 11:1-4\\;
wherefore they are threatened with disappointment of relief from Egypt,
with captivity into Assyria, and with the ravages of the sword in all
places, being a people bent to backsliding, and incorrigible,
\\#Ho 11:5-7\\; and yet, notwithstanding all this, the bowels of the Lord
yearn after them, and promises of mercy are made to them; that they
shall not utterly be destroyed, but a remnant shall be spared; which in
the latter day shall be called and follow after the Lord, the King
Messiah, and be returned from their captivity, and be resettled in
their own land, and replaced in their own houses, \\#Ho 11:8-11\\; the
chapter is concluded with an honourable character of Judah, \\#Ho 11:12\\.