This chapter gives an account of some who were truly penitent, and
stirred up one another to return to the Lord, encouraged by his power,
grace, and goodness, \\#Ho 6:1-3\\; and of others, who had only a form of
religion, were very unstable in it; regarded more the ceremonial law,
and the external sacrifices of it, than the moral law; either that part
of it which respects the love of the neighbour, or that which concerns
the knowledge of God; and dealt treacherously with the Lord,
transgressing the covenant, \\#Ho 6:4-7\\; particularly the city of Gilead
is represented as full of the workers of iniquity, and is charged with
bloodshed, \\#Ho 6:8\\; yea, even the priests were guilty of murder and
lewdness, \\#Ho 6:9\\; and Israel, or the ten tribes in general, are
accused of whoredom, both corporeal and spiritual, with which they were
defiled, \\#Ho 6:10\\; nor was Judah clear of these crimes, and therefore a
reckoning day is set for them, \\#Ho 6:11\\.