This chapter is a prophecy of the Messiah, and gives an account of his
descent, as man; of his qualifications for his office, as a Judge and
King; of his performance of it; of the peaceableness of his kingdom; of
the spread of it among the Gentiles, by the preaching of the Gospel;
and of the last and general conversion of the Jews. His original and
descent from David the son of Jesse, under the titles of a rod and
branch, is described as mean and obscure, expressed by stem and roots,
\\#Isa 11:1\\ his gifts and qualifications for his work, in general and
particular, \\#Isa 11:2\\ the performance of it, both with respect to
good men and bad men, in the fear of the Lord, with all equity,
righteousness, and readiness, \\#Isa 11:3-5\\ the peaceableness of his
kingdom is figuratively expressed, by the agreement of savage and tame
creatures, the former becoming the latter, and so losing their
malignant and hurtful nature, through the efficacy of the Gospel,
spreading the knowledge of Christ all over the world, \\#Isa 11:6-9\\
particularly among the Gentiles, comparable to those savage creatures,
who, upon the exhibition of Christ in the Gospel; should seek to him,
and find rest in him, \\#Isa 11:10\\ which will be followed or
accompanied with a collection of the Jews out of all lands, and the
conversion of them, which will be brought about by the power and grace
of God, all impediments being by him removed out of the way; the
consequences of which will be, peace among themselves, and obedience
among the Gentiles, \\#Isa 11:11-16\\.

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