This chapter is a continuation of the prophecy against Moab; in which
the prophet gives good advice, but in case of a haughty neglect of it,
which he foresaw, threatens with ruin, and fixes a time for it. He
advises the Moabites to pay their tribute to the king of Judah, or
otherwise they should be turned out of their land, as a bird out of its
nest, \\#Isa 16:1,2\\ to protect, and not betray the people of the Jews
that should flee to them, because of the Assyrian army, \\#Isa 16:3,4\\
and for this end gives a great character of the king of Judah, and
assures them of the stability of his kingdom, \\#Isa 16:5\\ but for
their pride, wrath, and lying, they are threatened with destruction,
and are represented as howling under it, \\#Isa 16:6,7\\ because of the
spoil of their cities, vineyards, and fields, so that they have no
harvest, nor vintage, nor gathering of summer fruits, or joy on these
accounts, \\#Isa 16:8-10\\ for which even the prophet expresses a
concern, \\#Isa 16:11\\ and after having observed the application of
the Moabites to their gods without success, \\#Isa 16:12\\ the chapter
is closed with an assurance of the certain ruin of Moab, and of the
time when it should be, \\#Isa 16:13,14\\.