This chapter contains a prophecy of the ruin of Syria and Israel, the
ten tribes; who were in alliance; and also of the overthrow of the
Assyrian army, that should come against Judah. The destruction of
Damascus, the metropolis of Syria, and of other cities, is threatened,
\\#Isa 17:1,2\\ yea, of the whole kingdom of Syria, together with
Ephraim or the ten tribes, and Samaria the head of them, \\#Isa 17:3\\
whose destruction is expressed by various similes, as by thinness and
leanness, and by the reaping and gathering of corn, \\#Isa 17:4,5\\ and
yet a remnant should be preserved, compared to gleaning gapes, and a
few berries on an olive tree, who should look to the Lord, and not to
idols, \\#Isa 17:6-8\\ and the reason of the desolation of their
cities, and of their fields and vineyards, was their forgetfulness of
the Lord, \\#Isa 17:9-11\\ and the chapter is closed with a prophecy of
the defeat of the Assyrian army, who are compared for their multitude
and noise to the seas, and to mighty waters, and the noise and rushing
of them, \\#Isa 17:12\\ and yet should be, at the rebuke of God, as
chaff, or any small light thing, before a blustering wind,
\\#Isa 17:13\\ and who, in the evening, would be a trouble to the Jews,
and be dead before morning; which was to be the portion of the spoilers
and plunderers of the Lord's people, \\#Isa 17:14\\.