This chapter contains prophecies of various calamities that should
come upon Egypt in a short time, and of the conversion of many of them
to Christ in Gospel times. The calamities are many; the Lord's coming
unto them, which their gods cannot prevent, nor stand before, nor save
them, and at which the hearts of the Egyptians are dispirited,
\\#Isa 19:1\\ civil wars among themselves, \\#Isa 19:2\\ want of
counsel, which sends them to idols and wizards, but in vain,
\\#Isa 19:3\\ subjection to a cruel lord, \\#Isa 19:4\\ drying up of
their rivers and waters, so that the paper reeds wither, and fishes
die; and hence no business for fishermen, nor for workers in flax, or
weavers of nets, \\#Isa 19:5-10,15\\ the stupidity of their princes and
wise counsellors, given up by the Lord to a perverse spirit, so that
they concerted wrong measures, and deceived the people,
\\#Isa 19:11-14\\ a general consternation among them, because of the
hand and counsel of the Lord; and because of the Lord's people, the
Jews, who were a terror to them, \\#Isa 19:16,17\\ and then follows the
prophecy of their conversion in later times, which is signified by
their speaking the language of Canaan, and swearing to the Lord,
\\#Isa 19:18\\ by their erecting an altar, and a pillar to the Lord,
which should be a sign and witness to him; and by their crying to him,
and his sending them a Saviour, and a great one, \\#Isa 19:19,20\\ by
his being known unto them, by their offering sacrifice to him, and by
his smiting and healing them \\#Isa 19:21,22\\ and the chapter is
concluded with a prophecy of that harmony, and agreement, and
fellowship, that shall be between Jew and Gentile, between Egypt,
Assyria, and Israel; and that the blessing of God should be upon them
all, \\#Isa 19:23-25\\.