This chapter contains a vision or prophecy of the enlargement of
Christ's kingdom and interest, and of the glory of his church in the
latter day, by the calling of the Gentiles, and the numerous
conversions of them to it, and of the abolition of idolatry, and the
destruction of the antichristian party. The inscription to it is in
\\#Isa 2:1\\ the prophecy itself follows; the date of it is the last
days; the subject matter of it, the kingdom, interest, and church of
Christ, signified by the mountain of the Lord's house; its glorious
estate is expressed by its establishment on the mountains; by its
exaltation above the hills; and by the great numbers that should flock
to it, and should encourage one another to go up to it, in order to
learn the ways of God, and walk in them; the means of which is the
Gospel preached, that should go out of Jerusalem; the effect of that is
peace among the nations: hence the house of Jacob is exhorted to walk
in the light held forth by it, \\#Isa 2:2-5\\ and then the reasons are
given of God's rejecting and forsaking some that bear the Christian
name, called the house of Jacob; namely, their Heathenish superstition,
idolatry, covetousness, and confidence in their riches; who are
sarcastically called upon to hide themselves in the rocks for fear of
the Lord, \\#Isa 2:6-10\\ when the judgments of God are denounced on
the proud and lofty, comparable to cedars, oaks, mountains, hills, high
towers, fenced walls, and ships of the ocean, at which time, Christ,
and he alone, will be exalted, and idolatry utterly abolished; the
consequence of which will be the utmost dread and terror to all
idolaters, \\#Isa 2:11-21\\ and the chapter is concluded with an
exhortation to such to cease from the man of sin, and have him in no
account, \\#Isa 2:22\\.

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