This chapter contains a prophecy of the destruction of the Egyptians
and Ethiopians by the Assyrians, which had been prophesied of
separately in the two preceding chapters \\#Isa 18:1-19:25\\, and now
conjunctly in this: the time of it is given, \\#Isa 20:1\\ the sign of
it, the prophet's walking naked, and barefoot, \\#Isa 20:2\\ the
explanation and accommodation of the sign to the captivity of Egypt and
Ethiopia, \\#Isa 20:3,4\\ the use of this to the Jews, and the effect
it had upon them; shame for their trust and dependence on the above
nations, and despair of deliverance from the Assyrians by their means,
\\#Isa 20:5,6\\.

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