This chapter contains a thanksgiving, or a triumphant song, upon the
destruction of antichrist, and the antichristian states, for benefits
and blessings bestowed upon the church, and for the setting up of the
glorious kingdom of Christ in the Jerusalem state. It begins with a
form of praise, and the reason of it in general, \\#Isa 25:1\\ the
particular instances of wonderful things are, the ruin of a certain
city described, \\#Isa 25:2\\ which will issue in the fear and glory of
God, \\#Isa 25:3\\ the great appearance of the Lord for his poor
people, in being strength, refuge, and a shadow to them,
\\#Isa 25:4,5\\ a rich feast made for them, \\#Isa 25:6\\ the removal
of the veil from all people, \\#Isa 25:7\\ the abolition of death, and
every affliction, \\#Isa 25:8\\ the personal appearance of Christ unto
salvation, \\#Isa 25:9\\ the protection of the church, and the certain
and utter destruction of her enemies, under the name of Moab,
\\#Isa 25:10-12\\