This chapter contains a prophecy of the Messiah; for, however applicable
it may be to Hezekiah, as a type of Christ, it only has its full
accomplishment in him, and in his times; who is described as a righteous
King, and as having just princes ruling under him, \\#Isa 32:1\\ and as a
very great blessing, protection, and comfort to his subjects, \\#Isa 32:2\\
when follows a prediction of great light and knowledge that should be in
his days, \\#Isa 32:3,4\\ and of the vileness, hypocrisy, and covetousness
of the Jews in his times, \\#Isa 32:5-8\\ and of the destruction of their
country, because of their sins, of which they seemed greatly insensible,
and were unconcerned about it, and are therefore called upon to lament it,
\\#Isa 32:9-14\\ which should continue until there would be a very great
effusion of the Spirit, as should make the world, comparable to a
wilderness, fruitful in grace and good works; the consequence of which
is great prosperity, peace, and safety, to the saints, \\#Isa 32:15-18\\ and
destruction to their enemies, particularly the city of Rome, \\#Isa 32:19\\
and the chapter is concluded with the happiness of the Gospel
ministration, and the success of it, \\#Isa 32:20\\.

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