This chapter contains an account of God's judgments upon the enemies of
his people, and of the peaceable, comfortable, and happy state of the
church in the latter day. The judgment denounced, \\#Isa 33:1\\ a prayer of
the church for safety and protection, which it promises itself from what
God had heretofore done, \\#Isa 33:2,3\\ an answer to it, declaring the
spoil of the enemy, and the happy times the people of God should enjoy
through his appearance for them, \\#Isa 33:4-6\\ though previous thereunto
there would be very distressing ones, \\#Isa 33:7-9\\ when the Lord resolves
to arise and exert his power in the destruction of the people, who
should be burnt up like stubble, thorns, and lime, \\#Isa 33:10-12\\ persons
far and near are called upon to take notice of this, \\#Isa 33:13\\ which
would issue in a different manner, in the surprise and terror of
hypocrites, and in the safety and plenty of provisions for good men, who
are described, \\#Isa 33:14-16\\ and then follow promises to them, of seeing
the King in his beauty, and beholding a distant country of reflecting on
past terror with pleasure, being freed from it, and in no danger of a
foreign enemy, \\#Isa 33:17-19\\ and the chapter is concluded with a famous
prophecy of the peace, prosperity, and safety of the church, and of the
healthfulness of its inhabitants, under the protection of Christ, its
King and Lawgiver, its enemies being also an easy prey to it,
\\#Isa 33:20-24\\.