The "first" verse of this chapter \\#Isa 4:1\\ seems more properly to
belong to the preceding chapter, which declares such a scarcity of men,
through the destruction of them in war, there predicted, that there
should be seven women to one man; who, contrary to their natural
modesty, would make suit to him; and, contrary to custom, propose to
provide their own food and raiment, only desiring to be called by his
name. After which, \\#Isa 4:2\\, follows a prophecy of Christ, who is
described by his names, the branch of the Lord, and the fruit of the
earth; and by proper epithets of him, as such, beautiful, glorious,
excellent, and comely; and by the persons to whom he is so, the escaped
of Israel, to whom various blessings are promised; as the
sanctification of them, the source of which is their election, and the
means of it the spirit of judgment and burning, \\#Isa 4:3,4\\ and the
protection and preservation of them, by the Lord's creating, as for
Israel of old, a cloud of smoke to rest upon them by day, and a shining
of flaming fire by night, and by being himself a tabernacle to screen
them from heat in the day, and a place of refuge to cover them from
storm and rain, \\#Isa 4:5,6\\.