As the two preceding chapters are prophecies of Christ and his church,
this treats of his word and ordinances, and of the nature, use, and
efficacy of them. It begins with an invitation of thirsty souls to them,
\\#Isa 55:1\\, an expostulation with them for taking wrong methods, and a
dissuasive from them, \\#Isa 55:2\\, which is followed with an exhortation
to hear the word of Christ, attend on his ordinances; to which they are
encouraged with promises of life and covenant blessings, \\#Isa 55:2,3\\.
Christ is prophesied of in his offices; and the conversion of the
Gentiles to him is foretold, \\#Isa 55:4,5\\, men are called upon to seek
the Lord, where and while he might be found; and both wicked and
unrighteous persons, forsaking their ways and thoughts, are encouraged
to turn to the Lord, in hopes of pardon, and in consideration of his
ways and thoughts not being like theirs, \\#Isa 55:6-9\\, the nature and
efficacy of the word of God are expressed and illustrated by the similes
of rain and snow, \\#Isa 55:10,11\\, and the conversion of the Lord's
people, in consequence of the word being made effectual, is predicted,
the issue of which is the glory of God, \\#Isa 55:12,13\\.

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