From the wicked and antichristian party the prophet is bid to turn to
the professors of the true religion, and openly, boldly, and sharply,
reprove them for their sins, particularly their hypocrisy and formality
in worship, \\#Isa 58:1,2\\, who yet were angry, and complained that the
Lord took no notice of their religious services, particularly their
fasting, which is put for the whole; the reason of which was, because
they did not fast aright; it was attended with much cruelty, strife, and
wickedness, and only lay in external appearances, \\#Isa 58:3-5\\, when they
are directed how to keep a fast, and are shown what a true fast is, and
what works and services are acceptable to God, \\#Isa 58:6,7\\ on doing of
which, light, health, prosperity, and hearing of their prayers, are
promised, provided the yoke of oppression is taken away, and compassion
shown to the poor, \\#Isa 58:8-10\\, yea, a very fruitful and flourishing
estate of the soul is promised, and a rebuilding of waste places,
delight in the Lord, and great honour and dignity; so be it that the
sabbath of the Lord, or public worship, is attended to in a proper manner,
\\#Isa 58:11-14\\.

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